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On The Hunt for Awesome Photo Booth Backdrops

Posted by on Jun 18, 2014 in Backdrops, Design | No Comments

We have been doing a lot of research into sourcing unique and high-quality backdrops over the past few weeks. It’s been an interesting ride and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Our photo booth is massive, as the name implies, and can expand to 9′ wide and 10′ tall, so we’re covering a lot of space and need well made backdrops that are seamless. We want everything to look amazing in our photos, so finding 108″ wide backdrops is no small feat. Luckily there are so many creative people out there on Etsy and locally here in Asheville, that we’ve managed to build up a network of resources for our latest backdrops. For a lot of events we will design custom backdrops, based on a theme or the celebration style, but most weddings & events want to choose something affordable for their photo booth, so we know it’s important to have a good selection of modern and unique backdrops that clients can choose from.

Photo Booth Backdrops from Drop It Modern

Just last week we got our first order in from Drop It Modern, which is a company based in California founded by photographer Breanne Schapp. These backdrops are super luxe – made with awesome materials, including pole pockets on the top and bottom, and coming in so many styles and prints. We immediately used one of our first backdrops in a shoot with a group of Bboys (breakdancers) heading off to Bonnaroo to perform on the Solar Stage. The results were, just as we expected, amazing! We have since added some more Drop It Modern backdrops to our repertoire, so look out for our next shoot with an oh-so-pretty one! You can check out the collections of backdrops on their website and they just recently launched a new prop collection too!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out so many shiny new things, literally. We are so excited and cannot wait to kick off this year’s wedding season with our newest gear! We’ve been keeping tabs on things using our Pinterest boards to track and store inspiration, resources, and amazing things we have to have. If you’re not following us on Pinterest, head on over to check out our stuff – Massive Booth on Pinterest

Chalk it Up! A Photo Booth Family Party

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Who said a photo booth was relegated to formal affairs only? Nobody. Ever.

We had so much fun with this casual house party where friends, family, and neighbors gathered in front of a chalk wall to… well, just goof off! Check out the photo booth ridiculousness that ensued. Kids, parents, and grown-ups just had a blast in our photo booth for the afternoon.