Modern Photo Booth in Asheville NC Serving the Southeast

We know that it can really bring your event to the next level to have high-quality, one-of-a-kind props that make a bold statement. Massive Booth already has an amazing collection of unique and fun props, but we also work with each event individually to decide what props will make the cut. That way your guests aren’t overwhelmed and your style really shines through in the photos. When your event calls for something completely custom, we can do that too! Our team can not only locate the best props for your event, but we can also create them too! We will work with you to design a collection of high-end props that will really make your photos shine!

We Design & Build Custom Props

Our studio is equipped to build anything you can dream up! If you decide you’d like to have some original props at your event, we’ll start with a design session to get a better idea of your event, your guests, and you. Once we understand exactly what you’re looking for our creative team will create some concepts and provide you with design sketches for each of your custom props. We’ll review those together and finalize all the designs, then we’ll go to production! Once your props are complete you’re all set for your event and you’ll get to keep them forever.

We Curate Awesome Props from All Over the World

Sometimes your event has a theme or a vibe that can be best captured with a relic from the past, an antique or vintage object, a costume, etc. The possibilities are endless, so during our Design Session we’ll determine which props are going to be found. Once we understand your event and your vibe, we go on the hunt to find items that will bring that unique factor and will look great on camera. Most of the time your custom prop package will be a mix of found items and custom builds, so we will work with you during the Design Session to nail down a list of items and then we go to work locating stuff from all over the world that will bring that pop of excitement and fun!