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You Just Do You

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Your Wedding Photographer is NOT a Photo Booth

You know that old adage, “Jack of all trades, but master of none.”? Well, we believe that holds true when you’re looking for any wedding professional. You can’t be everything to everyone, and we don’t want to be. Massive Booth is a photo booth company. We are not wedding photographers. And your wedding photographer is not a photo booth. We offer photo booth packages and specialize in this particular form of photo entertainment. Our goal is to provide an innovative, creative photo experience that is optimized for simplicity and fun! We believe that on your big day, you should go big. Massive big. Simply because we are the best at what we do.

We can only become experts at phototainment, if you will, by mastering this market, honing our skills, and perfecting our craft. In otherwords, we’re all in.

A Photo Booth to Remember

Everyone has been to a mall, or a state fair, or an old movie theater and sat in a photo booth of yore. They’re fun. They’re classic. Their time has come and gone. It’s not that those photo booths are passe, but we can do so much better now! We have gizmos and gadgets a plenty! Right? We love gizmos. We love gadgets. So, we combine the best of both worlds. The photo booth has an origin story and we respect that, but we have evolved the photo booth experience, taken it outside the box and pimped it out. We can do that because we’re focused on this craft of instantaneous, photo-making fun, that’s both self-service and super-duper high quality.

What Makes a Photo Booth Work?

A photo booth is a success when it’s so easy to use, your Grandma gets carried away with the selfies! It’s a success when you feel like it’s magical. Like, maybe, just maybe, inside that box there are tiny little photo fairies sprinkling magic pixie dust and bringing the FUN. It’s magical when you slay in the photos. It’s magical when you squad up and create Facebook-cover-photo GOLD. It’s magical when your insta feed is on fire with snaps from you and your closest friends and family.

Why Can’t Just Any Photographer Make Photo Booth Magic?

So, your photographer says they can throw together a photo booth for, you know, your BEST DAY EVER. We say, sweet, that’s the hustle. We understand and we respect that, but here’s why we think you should splurge instead of scrimp. Here’s why we think you need the real deal. And, just so you know, we’re apologizing in advance for the shameless self-promotion ahead, but hey… when you know you’ve got it, you better flaunt it.
wedding photo booth

  1. It’s just not that simple.

    Taking photos of people is easy. Candid snaps, etc. But, creating a space where people can feel free and goofy and just let loose in front of the camera, when they want to. That’s magic. Our photo booth is totally automated. You don’t need us. You just need the robots. The robots bring the fun. We are simply their stewards. No clicker. No remote. The robot on the magic screen tells you what to do, when to do it, and you do it. Because the robot says so. The robot knows best and makes you look goooood!

  2. You Gotta Give Props to the Prop Masters

    We are the prop masters. We have the best props in the business because we love that shit. We create one-of-a-kind goodness that you want to hold. You’ll find yourself getting super grabby and squealing like a small child. It’s ok. That’s totally normal. We get it. The props make the experience. And your photographer doesn’t have props like these.

  3. Backdrop It Like It’s Hot

    Unless your wedding photographer is Annie Liebovitz, we’re pretty sure they don’t have backdrops like these. We have been squirreling away the hottest, most glam backdrops we can find to build a collection that’s seriously unmatched. If you want originality, look no further. And if you think you won’t be mesmerized by the allure of sequins glimmering under the disco balls, you’re wrong. Sequins are awesome and they make everyone feel serious vibes. Just trust us. We’ve seen the sequin-y glow in their eyes and the resulting hotness in their pics.

  4. Give the People What They Want

    Your friends and family are awesome. You love them. We love them. But, they are all greedy and impatient. They just took a photo 2 seconds ago and they want to share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Tumblr. EVERYWHERE!! They revert to a state of toddlerdom when they get in front the camera. After two drinks, they get even more excited. They need to share. They have to share. We will let them share to their heart’s content. Just seconds after taking a photo, we show them that photo AGAIN. We ask them if they want to post it all over the internets. And we send them a link so they can see it again tomorrow when they sober up. They love us for it.

You Get It Now, Right?

We hope you understand that we love your wedding photographers. We cannot do what they do. They are geniuses. Artists. Magic makers. In a completely different way. We’re impressed and humbled by their skills. And that’s why we’re telling you that you should let them make their magic and not waste any of their reserves on photoboothing it. We’ve got this.

A Summer of Biltmore Weddings

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Asheville Wedding Photo Booth at Biltmore

We’ve had the pleasure to be a part of several weddings on the Biltmore Estate and they are always glamorous and epic affairs. The Biltmore has so many venues it’s hard to choose when you’re planning a wedding, but this summer we were thrilled to be a part of two beautiful weddings on the estate. Both of these weddings booked our photo booth for their Biltmore Estate wedding. Stacy & Greg were married on the front-lawn of the Biltmore Estate and had a gorgeous reception on the Sunset Terrace. Devon & Sean had a gorgeous wedding at Deer Park with dancing in the courtyard to live music. Both weddings were equally memorable and both couples, not local to Asheville, chose Massive Booth for their reception photo booth fun. We were excited to work with Asheville Event Co. again on Stacy & Greg’s wedding. They are such a great team! And we had the pleasure of working with Firefly Event Co for the very first time, which was amazing! Both teams make our jobs so much easier and are great to work with!

Asheville Photo Booth at Biltmore Estate

Devon & Sean’s wedding at Deer Park on Biltmore Estate included our Whale wedding photo booth package with a Gold Frill Backdrop and lots of our oversize word props. Their photo booth was setup in the main reception area of the restaurant and close to the dancefloor so that guests could pop between both centers of action. The Gold Frill backdrop for the photo booth really popped with the bridesmaid dresses and the overall color palette for Devon’s wedding.




Photo Booth on the Sunset Terrace at Asheville’s Biltmore Estate

Stacy & Greg had a swoon-worthy wedding at the Biltmore Estate. With a ceremony on the front lawn and a reception on the Sunset Terrace, this wedding was nothing less than epic. The photo booth was position inside the wedding reception tent on the Sunset Terrace so we were able to see the amazing views of the mountains as the sunset rolled through. The weather was absolutely perfect and the Asheville Event Co. and Biltmore Weddings team did an amazing job. Stacy chose our sequin silver backdrop for the photo booth and we featured some new laser cut words as well as some custom wedding hashtag props for their photo booth. With over 800 photos taken throughout the night, it’s safe to say this wedding photo booth was a huge hit!




Caroline & Graham’s Bohemian Asheville Wedding

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Last fall we had the pleasure of being part of Caroline & Graham’s wedding at The Fields of Blackberry Cove. It was such a lovely wedding and it’s now featured on Borrowed & Blue! Check out their featured wedding and get some inspiration. Caroline’s great taste shines through in all of the details and aesthetic of her wedding, right down to the photo booth! We used the lush forest green backdrop from Drop It Modern and a collection of fun rose gold and copper sequin mustaches and props. Here are a few photos from their wedding photo booth…
IMG_0109 (2)

IMG_0295 (1)

IMG_0256 (1)

Asheville Pink Pint Night 2014

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We are excited to be one of the sponsors of this year’s Pink Pint Night happening at Highland Brewing on Thursday, October 16th from 4pm – 8pm. Our photo booth will be setup and we’ll have lots of great props for you to choose from while you enjoy the live music, food, and beer. There’s also going to be a raffle! The event benefits Ladies Night Out, a local non-profit program that provides free mammograms to uninsured and under-insured women. This should be a lot of fun and it’s for a great cause, so don’t miss out!

For more details or info about this event visit the Highland Brewing website.

A Photo Booth Fiesta!

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What happens when you throw a giant sombrero in the mix? A Fiesta! This our team playing around with props and just all around enjoying ourselves in the photo booth. Check it out…