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Knoxville Photo Booth at the KMA Kick-Off to Summer

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Last weekend the Knoxville Museum of Art hosted a Kick-Off to Summer party with sponsorship from Lexus of Knoxville. We were honored to work with the dynamic team at KMA and Lexus to design a collection of fun summer-inspired props for the event which was held at the art museum and include great food and performances by the Atlanta Showstoppers (amazing!).

Our team was on-site for the evening to provide a fun photo booth experience for this Knoxville crowd. It was our first event at the KMA and it’s a beautiful venue that would be the perfect setting for any gala or wedding. We made a set of two hashtag props for this themed event, #LexusKMA and #KnoxArt. We also dreamed up some pretty fun and new summery props that tied into the overall event theme and color palette. There are a ton more photos in the full gallery on our website, but here are some of our favorites.







Lexus Charleston Fashion Week Photo Booth

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CFW Photo Booth@2x-80
We spent a week in Charleston this spring, working with the Lexus event marketing team to provide an experiential photo activation. Our photo booth, setup in the Style Lounge main tent, featured a different stylish backdrop each day of the 5-day event. We also designed and created a collection of custom prop designs for #LexusCFW that matched the brand guidelines for #LexusCFW

Here are a photos from each night of Lexus Charleston Fashion Week with each of the different backdrops and branded props!

Lexus CFW Fur Backdrop Photo Booth@2x-80

Lexus CFW Grid Backdrop Photo Booth@2x-80
Lexus CFW Gold Frill Backdrop Photo Booth@2x-80

Lexus CFW Color Pop Backdrop Photo Booth@2x-80

Lexus CFW Mermaid Backdrop Photo Booth@2x-80
Lexus CFW Abstract Backdrop Photo Booth@2x-80


The Knot Market Mixer – Custom Prop Designs

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Thanks to Cass Bradley of Bluesky here are some amazing photos of the props we created for The Knot Market Mixer this week. We love how these photos turned out and loved designing for this event.
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Knot Charlotte Market Mixer by BLUESKY by Cass Bradley-147

Stylish Holiday Photo Booth Props

Holiday Photo Booth Props for Your Party, Home, or Celebration

At Massive Booth we are more than just a photo booth. We operate our very own design studio where we design, manufacture, and sell our own decor and props. Our holiday decor started as something we created for a holiday pop-up shop at East West Vintage Rentals over a year ago. It has turned into our secondary operation where we take custom orders and sell a small collection. Our holiday photo booth props are stylish, colorful, glamorous, and (most importantly) FUN! They are the perfect addition to your photo booth at a holiday party, but they are just as lovely when adorning your walls or your mantle. If you’re trying to take the perfect holiday card family photo, these holiday photo props could be just the thing! Check out our collection and shop around on our shop Ashe & Skye to find something merry and bright for your holiday season!


Dogs + Photobooth = #PupPhotobooth

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We are total dog lovers at Massive Booth. At home and in the studio we share our space with our two big dogs and we love taking photos of them, as you can see from time-to-time on our Instagram! We also love events that incorporate dogs, because it ups the ante on cuteness and, let’s be honest, dressing up dogs is just FUN! Sometimes we event get lucky and have dogs at a wedding, which is always a cause to saw “awww!” Yes, it’s true, primarily we do serve a 2-legged audience, but this year we’ve been lucky to be part of a few events with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue where the goal was to have a pup-friendly photo booth experience. We setup a photobooth for both the Run for the Paws and Howl-O-Ween events in the Asheville area. Our setup included a way to feature dogs, of all sizes, in the photo booth without changing the photobooth automated experience. We’re now on version 2.0 and still thinking about how to make this even better! It’s fun to innovate our photobooth experience to fit a new use-case and we’re excited to be part of more events with Brother Wolf in the future!

Because we love putting dogs in the photo booth so much, we’ve started our own hashtag #PupPhotobooth on Instagram and Facebook. And here are a few favorite #pupphotobooth shots from field and the studio over the past few months…









Photo Booth for Corporate Events

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Charleston SC Corporate Event Photo Booth

Our open set photo booth is a great addition to any corporate event. Since our setup is so flexible it can be easily customized to fit your event and your brand. We just recently did an event for Hendrick Lexus of Charleston with a step-and-repeat backdrop that had their logo. We’ve done events in the past where we laser cut the logo for a brand and have it as a prop for guests to hold up in the photo booth. We can create nearly anything you can dream up for your event, whether it includes a custom backdrop, branded props, or more! We can also do both indoor and outdoor events, so a photo booth could be a great addition to your outdoor festival or concert series!

IMG_0077 (1)

Custom Props for Corporate Events

In our studio we can create custom props using a laser cutter and engraver. This means we can take your vector art, logo files and the like, and create a larger-than-life prop for guests to hold up in photos. Then you can pair these creative props with one of our stylish backdrops to create a fun, branded photo booth experience for your corporate event. Here are just a few examples of what’s possible, but if you dream it, we can design it!

Laser Cut Branded Props for Corporate Photo Booth Events in Asheville

Check out a few examples of laser cut logos we’ve created in the past for our clients. These custom designs for the corporate events can last beyond the photo booth, becoming permanent fixtures in your storefront or studio. If you’re thinking about having a grand-opening party, anniversary party, or sponsoring a local event, adding a photo booth can be a great way to promote your brand and add a lot of fun for guests. People will have a blast taking photos and you have a vessel for brand promotion via the props, our social media kiosk, and the resulting marketing collateral from the published gallery after the event.
Lexus 2015-01-22 023
plank4East West Pop Up Shop 2014-08-08 202

Custom Prop Designs

We recently worked with FTE Leaders to design some custom props for the photo booth at their Regional Discernment Retreat in Black Mountain, NC. You can check out some highlights from the event and see some examples of the types of props we can create using Adobe Illustrator to design in vector format and then laser cutting the designs on wood. It was fun to see how the photo booth and props came together to tell a story of this event…








Pup Photo Booth, Funny Valentine

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Are you gearing up for Valentine’s Day, or just dreading it entirely? Either way, this should bring a smile to your face. We admit, sometimes we hire our dogs to model for the photo booth. Don’t worry though, they are well paid in treats, belly rubs, and romps at the park! Check out our fluffy buddy, she’s such a little heartthrob!


Holiday Photo Booth Props

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In December we were booked for two pop-up shops with two very different styles. The ladies of East West were hosting another amazing pop-up and we knew we had to come up with some glittery goodness for that event. Then we also had the Shelter Collective team hosting a pop-up shop the same week! Check out the photos from Shelter’s pop up opening night here. So, December was a little hectic, to say the least, but we had a lot of fun and definitely felt the holiday spirit alive and well in our studio!

East West Holiday Pop Up Shop 2014-12-12 124

Earlier in the year we did a pop-up shop with the team from East West. The venue they have in West Asheville is really lovely and we had a blast working with these ladies again. You may know Nikki and Katie from East West Vintage Rentals and Courtney from Holdfast Outfitters. There is a lot of talent packed into this trio of women and more to come this year. They have a Salvage Market coming up on February 7th, so check it out!

East West Holiday Pop Up Shop 2014-12-12 206

When we create custom props the process can vary, but all of these words and objects were designed as vector files and then laser cut in our studio. Then we painted, lacquered, and glittered, to our heart’s content. Let’s just say, weeks later, we’re still finding glitter in places you’d least expect it!

East West Holiday Pop Up Shop 2014-12-12 150

One of our favorite props was this – “Falalalalalalalala”. Just in case you’re counting, that’s 8 “la’s”. Phew! It’s painted gold and covered with gold glitter to boot. It was a big hit and inspired us to use glitter on these Wayfarers rendering them completely non-functional as sunglasses, but making them look completely awesome.

East West Holiday Pop Up Shop 2014-12-12 068

So, let’s just say we got Holly & Jolly, Merry & Bright, Love & Light, and all that jazz…

East West Holiday Pop Up Shop 2014-12-12 108
East West Holiday Pop Up Shop 2014-12-12 112

East West Holiday Pop Up Shop 2014-12-12 226

East West Holiday Pop Up Shop 2014-12-12 233
East West Holiday Pop Up Shop 2014-12-12 064

East West Holiday Pop Up Shop 2014-12-12 177

Photobooth & Custom Props for the SHELTER Wedding

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If you’re from Asheville you know that one of the most magical elements about this off-the-beaten-path location, is the people that choose to make it home. Many of these people are magical in and of themselves. They are drawn here to create energy, inspiration, and beauty. You will find a lot of truly special things and people in this small city. When I stumbled into a shop called SHELTER in West Asheville this spring, I didn’t expect to make a new friend, but I’m not surprised that I did. This cute shop, nestled on a side street, is a quiet, thoughtful space where Karie Reinertson and Rob Maddox curate things from local and faraway. It’s full of objects from jewelers, makers, artists, and more, and it’s an almost meditative space. You may find yourself relaxed enough to sit in one of the gorgeous handmade chairs, wrapped in a wool blanket from Appalatch, reading a book and soaking up sunlight from the front windows.

Karie herself is a maker and crafts beautiful handbags, which is honestly why I was drawn to SHELTER in the first place! I walked in intending to talk to her about creating a custom camera bag, but instead I made a new friend. When I found out that Karie & Rob were getting married this September, I was so excited to talk to her about having our photo booth at the event. When they actually began working with Adam to design props and signs, it was a creative collaboration. Adam designed some original vector art and used the laser cutter to cut and engrave wood, creating a unique collection of props. He made a set of beards, in all shapes and sizes, made out of birch, hand painted, and attached to dowels. He created a pair of awesome oversized hands with an almost astrology-esque design etched into them and then he used some leather scraps from our friend’s shop, Paul Taylor Sandals, to create some straps for holding the hands. They are awesome. He also created original, almost hieroglyphic designs, for eyes and made those into props too. He created glasses that look just like Rob’s glasses, and an assortment of triangles, polygons and diamond shapes. My personal favorite is the labyrinth, inspired by my favorite James Jean painting, that he laser cut. All said and done, this photo booth experience was truly one-of-a-kind and people really loved it.

Here are a few shots of the props we created…



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